Ethereal and Mystical: Pipyr


Recently I’ve been having a love affair with encaustic mixed media painting thanks to glass artist Pipyr.

She has long been creating mixed media pieces that are both ethereal and mystical, seeming to have some sort of magical power.

It feels as though having a piece of hers might bring some ancient wisdom to the owner.  Some pieces are whimsical with an ability to bring smiles, and others eerie and mystical with their bones, horse hair and other found objects.

“These pieces tell a story. It is a story about my life, a story about another world, a story about this world, and about you. They are meant to be viewed actively, to be discussed, to be touched.

Materials: Flameworked glass, Encaustic (molten wax painting), Bones, Teeth, Horse hair, Stones, recycled butterfly wings from damaged specimens, metal leaf…”

Flameworked blown glass, encaustic, bones, metal leaf, recycled butterfly wings, garnet, quartz.

“I feel a constant pull towards that which is otherworldly and fantastical. I am a tactile person; I must touch something to fully appreciate it. I feel a yearning to merge separate things in unexpected ways. My artwork is a manifestation of these passions in physical form.”

Demented Cyclops Bunny - Pipyr Art Glass - Sculpture

Demented Cyclops Bunny

Pipyr’s series of Demented Bunnies are reminiscent of her earlier creature work, but unlike the creature series, these are all glass.   These guys have a definite sense of humor.  You may want to keep an eye of them though; despite their innocent appearance I suspect they are up to no good.

Several Tutorials are available for glass artists wishing to push their work out of the norm including The Creature Tutorial, Borosilicate on a Concentrator and an Eye Cane Tutorial.

~ by ginkgoglass on March 19, 2010.

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