It’s On and It’s RAW

It’s On.  And it’s RAW.

That is, challenging yourself to create one ring a week for the entire year of 2011.

Ring A Week or “RAW” was conceived by Thomasin Durgin, metal artist.  RAW comes on the wings of  The Ring A Day Challenge in which the participants created, photographed and posted on Flickr one ring a day for 2010.


Here is a ring by Thomasin Durgin that regularly resides on my finger:

A few RAW rings that have already been posted:

Ring by Citizen Objects

Ring by Maria Apostolou


Most of the participants are metal artists, but being a glass artist is not stopping me.
In fact, I just ordered and received a new steel ring mandrel from Mountain Glass Arts.

This is a personal challenge and there are no rules.
Rings do not need to be made of metal, nor do they need to be tangible objects.

Click here to Join us on the Flickr group and  get ready to be challenged, inspired and make some rings!

~ by ginkgoglass on January 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “It’s On and It’s RAW”

  1. A friend showed me a ring artist Alyssa Krauss made for him that looks like a band-aid to represent the healing of pain.
    You can see it here:

  2. Thank you for adding my ring! RAW is going to be such a fun project! It’s wonderful that there are so many artist working with different mediums. We all are going to learn so much!

  3. thanks so much for posting my ring! I am a sculptor, so relate to your personal challenge as a non-ring maker. While I cannot call myself a glass artist, my studio is in a hot shop in New Orleans- Studio Inferno- so I have lots of glass contact. Great to see another *not really a jeweler* participant!
    Cheers! Shae

  4. You are both welcome! Would love to see Studio Inferno, sounds like such a fun place. An inferno and glass too, What could be better?

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