A Sanctuary is the Garden of the Soul

This month I have been working on a piece for the Memphis Child Advocacy Center’s Works of Heart, an annual auction benefiting the children served by this organization, who are victims of sexual and severe physical abuse.

When I began working on the piece, which of course would have glass, I envisioned a glass heart suspended from chicken wire surrounding an encaustic garden background to symbolize a sanctuary.  As these projects often do, this idea metmorphosed into something different.  I realized that the chicken wire was not sturdy enough to hold the weight of the almost 1000 gram cast glass heart.   I tried to think of ways to strengthen the structure and  in the end I decided to use barbed wire and eliminated the chicken wire altogether.

Just like the children who need protection from abuse this piece is protected by the circle of barbed wire around the encaustic painting.  With some rusty barbed wire donated by a friend, “Sanctuary” represents a safe place for children of abuse where love is found.  This is Sanctuary.  Some call it the garden of the soul.

The prototype for this piece is for sale on Etsy.

If you purchase it, I will donate 40% of the sale price to the Child Advocacy Center in Memphis, Tennessee.


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Works of Heart is more than a show of remarkable artwork by leading regional artists. It is more than an auction that is as exhilarating as a day at the races. It is even more than a fantastic party with all its midtown flair. Works of Heart is a fabulous, festive way you help us help kids. The big event will be held at theMemphis College of Art on Saturday, February 12 at 7 pm.

~ by ginkgoglass on January 28, 2011.

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