Recycled Bottle Glass -RAW 6/52

People bring me glass bottles.  I don’t know how it got started but my garage studio sometimes looks like someone has an alcohol problem.  The prettiest ones to me are the green wine bottles, and of course Sky vodka and Bombay gin bottles.

Recently I’ve been interested in ways to use recycled glass bottles and shards of broken glass for glass projects.  This is a recycled bottle glass pendant in transparent green and is approximately 1″H x 1″W.

Recycled glass pendants may be purchased on Etsy. If you have a special bottle you would like made into a piece of jewelry or something else, let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

Recycled Glass Pendant --Green--RAW 6/52

These pendants are cut with a glass saw from recycled wine or beer bottles, melted in a kiln and hung on a leather cord.  I’m planning on making more “rings” for bracelets, pendants, vessels and  sculptures.  Ultimately this recycled glass could be used for fusing, casting, flameworking or any technique using glass.  The only issue is the compatibility of the glass from bottle to bottle.  Wine bottles often come from different manufacturers, so bottles from the same wine label for example, even though the bottles may look identical, may not be compatible due to differing coefficients of expansion.  Bottle glass ordinarily has a COE between 85 to 87. Although the COE can be as little as 83 or as great as 90.  This is why it is only safe to use pieces of glass from the same bottle.

Read more about using recycled glass at Glass Fusing Made Easy.

A friend of mine had a huge tree limb break his glass topped table in his back yard.  The glass is a beautiful pale aqua color, almost an inch thick and he saved quite a few large pieces for me.  I’m thinking of something that could be made with these pieces.  Maybe I will break them up a bit more and fuse a large platter for him.  If you have any ideas let me know.



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  1. […] on Facebook. And this could be shared with Stefanie over at the Recylced page here at Craft Gossip. Ginko Glass is taking beer and wine bottles and cutting them with a glass saw and creating lovely pendants. […]

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