Why Participate in an Artistic Challenge?

This question was posed to participants of the Ring of the Week challenge:


“What are your reasons for participating in Ring of the Week (RAW) 2011?”

Here are mine:

  • Finding Inspiration

    Having a deadline to produce a new item every week, although it may seem a chore, is highly inspirational and these items often become prototypes for new product lines, or larger pieces.  Having to come up with something entirely different every week really gets the creative energy flowing.  Being involved in a group that is mainly fine metal artists and jewelers, I knew that there was inspiration to be found outside of my flameworking glass community.  I noticed early on in this challenge that I was seeing possibilities for rings everywhere and was finding circles, squares, and other geometric shapes that could become a “ring” of sorts.  Some of my rings have seemed to just appear on their own.If you are in a creative slump, I highly recommend getting involved in some sort of challenge.  There are many out there and you will find one that is right for you or specific to your medium.

  • Exploring New Techniques

    One of the things I have wanted to work on was complex cane which would was used for the bands in my first rings and one of them became my first ring of the week.

  • Expanding Product Lines

    Periodically I have gotten requests for rings and I have never had any.  This challenge has been a great opportunity to expand my product line into new areas.  My experience with rings has been limited and this has been a great opportunity to work on these small sculptures.

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~ by ginkgoglass on February 21, 2011.

14 Responses to “Why Participate in an Artistic Challenge?”

  1. Lana, It is such a pleasure to see your beautiful glass work each week! RAW is a great group.

  2. I love how you experiment with the glass and all the things you’ve done with it!!!!

  3. I love your glass rings, its amazing to see the diversity of materials and talent in the RAW group.

  4. I agree with everything you said and I’m so happy your in RAW.

  5. Lana, you have said it all! Thanks for your support and I am really happy to see you in this group. The rings are beautiful!

  6. glass is so foreign to me – I love seeing what you do! Very inspirational!

  7. Great post Lana! I love seeing work in mediums other than metal, your rings are beautiful! I’m glad that you decided to do RAW.

  8. I’ve tried working with glass before and it’s nothing like what I am used to! I really love what you have done and look forward to seeing more!

  9. I didn’t even know glass could do that! Amazing. I look forward to seeing more!

  10. I am really impressed with your rings! Glass working has always fascinated me…beautiful work!

  11. Lana,

    Your rings are bee-U-tee-ful! And that “Peacock” Borosilicate Glass one knocks me out! So nice to meet you on your blog. I am using this challenge to push myself and take chances that I never would have otherwise, well, maybe not for a long time.

    The title of your blog is very clever!

  12. […] http://www.doxallodesigns.blogspot.com Aleksandra Micic – http://www.micicart.blogspot.com Lana Chu – http://www.ginkgoglass.wordpress.com Evelyn Markasky – http://www.markasky.blogspot.com Lorena Angulo- blog.lorenaangulo.com Kate […]

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