Tabletop Glass Blowing – Part II

The Don Mckinney Studio Series Glory Hole is very similar to the previously blogged about Murphy Firebucket.  Over all interior dimensions are 6″ wide by 13″ deep with a 5″ opening, exterior dimensions are 20” tall, 10” wide and 16” deep and is available at Glass Obsessions.  It looks more substantial to me (totally my aesthetic preference) and has larger dimensions, but the opening is still 5″ for both which limits the size of your glass pieces. It does not come with tools like the Firebucket, so you will have to weigh the value of that in your purchase.

Both use the same burner and blower and the only difference that I see is the Don McKinney has rollers instead of a notch. Both run about 45hrs on a single bbq tank.

Another option is to build one yourself.  If you have basic metal skills, a glory hole could be fashioned out of a metal drum or trash can lined with fiber frax with a burner and blower attached.  Glass Notes is an excellent resource on building all kinds of furnaces and glory holes as well as other useful glass related information. 


~ by ginkgoglass on November 2, 2011.

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